Can Eucerin Be Used On The Face?


I purchased an Eucerin product and am unsure how to use it; is it safe to use on the face?


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    skin care that is light and deeply soothing for dry to very dry skin. This lightweight face cream for dry to very dry skin instantly moisturises and soothes tightness, leaving the skin smooth and supple.


    What is it and what is it for?

    Eucerin cream and its entire line of products are recognized worldwide for their dedication to skin care . Eucerin offers multiple products that are dedicated as treatments for acne, fine lines, blemishes and other skin conditions. It should be noted that Eucerin is one of the leading brands in effective skin care and treatment. Its products are made with the most rigorous quality control, dermatologically approved and are hypoallergenic.

    What is the price of Eucerin cream?

    The prices of Eurecin cream may vary according to the product or the line that is purchased, as well as the establishment. Regularly, the price of Eurecin ranges from 200 to 500 Mexican pesos.

    Where to buy Eucerin cream?

    Eucerin Cream can be purchased at chain , specialty and online pharmacies, such as Prixz . It can also be purchased at some self-service and commercial centers.

    Remember that at Prixz we handle personal care items, as well as patent and generic medicines. We make shipments to the whole republic. If you want to know more details download the app through Google Play or Apple Store.


    Eucerin, a German-based brand with 100 years of experience, is always at the forefront of the most innovative skincare ingredients and technology.

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