Can I change my septum piercing after a month?


what is septum ? anyone can explain it


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    Septum piercing: where is the septum located?

    You touch your septum as you pinch the thin area between the bottom of your nose and the cartilage.

    This soft part is called the columella and represents the tissue through which a channel is created to perform the piercing.

    It is the piercer himself who defines the sweet spot of your septum piercing.

    Contrary to appearances, this piercing does not touch the cartilage of the nose.

    Note that depending on your morphology, you may not have a columella. In this case, if you decide to proceed with the septum piercing anyway, you must pierce your cartilage. This causes much more intense pain.

    Septum piercing: how painful is the septum piercing?

    Keep in mind that the nose area to be pierced is soft. The septum piercing is a quick piercing to perform. The pain felt therefore passes quite quickly.

    Always be sure to go through a trained professional for your septum piercing. He will determine the exact area for your septum piercing.

    It is possible that he takes the time to define the point of your piercing by drawing an axis under your nose in order to have a perfect angle.

    Indeed, this piercing is quite difficult to perform and requires a good piercing technique without pliers. It is important to make it high enough so that the jewel does not fall on your lip.

    Don’t touch your piercing

    You will regularly feel your septum piercing jewelry move. Rest assured, you will not normally feel any pain. The thing to keep in mind is that whatever piercing you have, try not to touch it.

    Adjust your jewelry with the utmost care. Especially in the case of the septum piercing. By touching it, you create micro-lesions in the nose.

    Ideally, only during care should you touch your septum piercing with washed and disinfected hands.

    Disinfection no, cleaning yes

    The advantage of the septum piercing is that it does not really require care. Disinfecting your septum piercing is not necessary, as it is located at the lining of the nose.

    Nevertheless, it is recommended to check that your piercing remains clean.

    You can clean it with a saline solution applied to a sterile compress by gently rubbing around your piercing.

    If at any time you feel a bad odor at the level of the healing, it is because bacteria and dead cells are piling up there. In this case, gently dab your piercing with a compress soaked in saline solution again.


    Generally speaking, wait one to two months before switching out your septum jewellery. Changing your jewellery while you’re recovering just causes problems for you. You run the risk of getting an infection or discomfort if bacteria get inside the nose piercing.


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