Can I Use Gap Cash At Old Navy?


Is it possible to use Gap Cash at Old Navy?


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    What is Old Navy Super Cash?

    Old Navy Super Cash offers customers a unique way to save even more on the retailer’s low-priced clothing and accessories. Customers earn Old Navy Super Cash by spending in-store and online during dedicated Super Cash earn periods throughout the year. The coupons can then be spent during designated Super Cash spending periods on new purchases, reducing the overall cost of your order with a dollar-off discount.

    In this article, we’ll cover all the details you need to know about how to use Old Navy Super Cash, including when to earn it, spend it, how to keep track of it, how it interacts with other discounts and more.

    Earning Old Navy Super Cash

    Grab Old Navy Super Cash during specified earn periods that are offered several times throughout the year. Customers earn $10 in Super Cash for each $25 they spend in-store or online on qualifying purchases. This earning algorithm is calculated before coupons and tax.

    You can make the most of your Old Navy Super Cash by shopping online, where you can earn more Super Cash per transaction. However, Super Cash coupons can also be earned and used in-store if that’s your shopping preference.



    You must use your GapCash on all qualifying merchandise purchases in-store or online during the eligible redemption period.

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