Can You Put Live Resin On Top Of A Bowl?


Is it possible to put live resin on top of a bowl?


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    What is live resin?

    Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that uses the entire plant. Due to its extraction method, the delicious flavors and aromas are preserved.

    The live resin product is a potent concentrate that can be smoked or vaporized. It is popular with cannabis smokers due to its high content of terpenes in the concentrate. Those who smoke live resin can taste all the terpenes and cannabinoids in each dose.

    Live resin and distillates are both forms of cannabis concentrates, as is concentrated rosin . However, the difference between live resin and rosin lies in their extraction techniques. A solvent-free technique is required to create rosin. The heat and pressure extract the resinous kief and hashish from the herb. On the other hand, live resins involve a different process.

    Live resin extraction process

    Live resin recently became popular after its development in 2013. This extraction method became unique compared to other methods due to its flash freezing technique.

    The extraction process to create live resins involves a closed-loop system containing the hydrocarbons butane and propane. Gaseous materials are stored and cooled to sub-zero temperatures and impact the plant. The near-freezing temperature impacts the plant as the gases are pressurized.

    The extraction process begins directly after the cutting of the cannabis plant. The plant is then placed inside the closed-loop system tank. Under pressure, the butane fills the tank with plant matter. The gas begins to dissolve the trichomes of the plant. Butane gas continues to fill the tank and saturate the plant.

    How to consume distillates?

    To consume distillates, a dab or a vaporizer is usually used. The most common method of consumable distillates are cartridges. THC oil distillate can be decarboxylated and vaporized with a vaporizer.

    Whether you choose to enjoy your spirits with a vaporizer or a dab, be aware of the odorless vapor and the flavor that forms. Distillates will often have little to no flavor, but will certainly enhance the effect.


    The best way to consume live resin is by dabbing or vaping it, but it can also be sprinkled in joints or thrown on top of a bowl.

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