Can You Take Tylenol With Bactrim?


I have a doubt to take a medicine like tylenol and bactrim at same time .Does Tylenol Interact with Bactrim?


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  1. There was no evidence that Bactrim DS and Tylenol had any kind of interaction with one another. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily imply that there are no interactions taking place.


    Bactrim DS
    In total, 393 medications have been identified as potentially interfering with Bactrim DS. 
    The sulfonamide drug class includes Bactrim DS. 
    These are some of the conditions that Bactrim DS can help with:
    1. Acne (off-label)
    2. Bacterial Infection
    3. Bacterial Skin Infection
    4. Bronchitis
    5. Diverticulitis
    6. Epiglottitis
    7. Granuloma Inguinale
    8. Infection Prophylaxis
    9. Kidney Infections
    11. Meningitis
    12. Nocardiosis
    13. Otitis Media
    14. Pneumocystis Pneumonia
    15. Pneumocystis Pneumonia Prophylaxis
    16. Pneumonia
    17. Prevention of Bladder infection
    18. Prostatitis
    19. Shigellosis
    20. Sinusitis
    21. Toxoplasmosis
    22. Toxoplasmosis, Prophylaxis
    23. Traveler’s Diarrhea
    24. Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
    25. Urinary Tract Infection


    There are 106 medications that can negatively interact with Tylenol.
    Miscellaneous analgesics are the category into which Tylenol is placed.
    The following medical issues can be treated with Tylenol:

    1. Fever
    2. Muscle Pain
    3. Pain
    4. Sciatica

    There is no interaction between Tylenol with Bactrim.


    What is Bactrim? 

    The active components of Bactrim are sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. It’s a common treatment for UTIs. eHealthMe is analysing data from 72,504 people who have used Bactrim to learn more about the medicine’s efficacy, potential side effects, and possible drug replacement.

    What is Tylenol?

    Acetaminophen is one of the key components in Tylenol. It is frequently used to alleviate discomfort and is a common remedy. eHealthMe is looking at data from 169,740 Tylenol users to learn more about how well the drug works, what side effects it might have, and what other medicines might be better.

    How will this information be used in the study?

    Information collected by the FDA is utilised in the research. Sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, and acetaminophen (the active chemicals in Bactrim and Tylenol, respectively) are the foundation of this medication (the brand names). Similar medications (such as generics) are not taken into account. The study does not take into account the dosage of the medications.

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