Can You Use Gap Cash At Old Navy?


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    Old Navy Super Cash Dollars Program Terms and Conditions …at other Gap Inc. brand stores or locations or at our Clearance Centers.


    How to Participate in the Old Navy SUPER CASH Promotion (the “Promotion”): For every $25 of Qualifying Purchases (defined below) at an Old Navy store and online in the United States or Canada (the ” participating stores”) between March 23, 2014 at 12:01 a.m. EST and April 20, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PST, customers will receive $10 in SUPER CASH coupons, up to a maximum of $30 in SUPER CASH coupons per in-store transaction and up to $50 in SUPER CASH coupons per online transaction. Qualifying purchases include sale, regular-priced and clearance items (“Qualifying Purchases”), but this offer excludes gift cards, wraps, applicable taxes and prior purchases. SUPER CASH coupons will be offered as $10, $20 and $30 coupons in store. Online, SUPER CASH coupons will be offered as $10, $20, $30, $40 and $50 coupons.


    Using banana republic currency to bridge the gap? 


    Can you use Gap Cash when shopping at Old Navy? No, you can’t use your Gap Cash at the Gap Outlets,, or the Hebron Clearance Center.


    Each time you make a purchase, you are only allowed to redeem one (1) SUPER CASH coupon.


    Where Can I Reinvest My Leftover Gap Funds?

    GapCash (a Cash Coupon) can be exchanged for reward points for members of the rewards programme. You’ll earn one reward point for every $1 the cash coupon is worth. After the expiration date of a cash coupon, members of the Rewards Program have 30 days to exchange it for points. The terms of the rewards programme can be found here.

    Is Supercash accepted at Gap?

    Gap Inc. credit card balances can’t be redeemed for Gap Inc. credit card balances. Coupons for Super Cash cannot be sold or traded in any way. All Super Cash vouchers that aren’t redeemed within the time limit will be worthless.

    If you have Gap Cash, you can use it at Athleta.

    There is no way to use Gap Cash at Athleta. If you sign up for Athleta Rewards, however, you can use your points at any of the other four or five GAP stores, not just Athleta! There is a limit of one (1) SUPER CASH coupon per purchase.

    Is Old Navy accepting Super Cash?

    There is a limit of one (1) SUPER CASH coupon per purchase.

    When can I use my $50 Super Cash?

    You can use $20 in Super Cash if you spend between $50 and $74.99; $30 if you spend between $75 and $99.99; $40 if you spend between $100 and $124.99; and $50 if you spend between $125 and $149.99. Finally, the maximum discount you can get with Super Cash is $60, which you will get if you purchase $150 or more. There is a $60 cap on total savings per order. 20-Sept-2022

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