Do Other Countries Play Their National Anthem Before Sporting Events?


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    If it’s hard to know when the national anthems became a staple before every sporting event, it’s even harder to know when their relevance has expired. If in the United States the anthem is a symbol that has almost no comparable, its prestige has been somewhat damaged in Canada, especially in Quebec.

    Michel Vigneault, sports historian and lecturer at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), explains that the national anthem is initially a patriotic movement, and not an obligation. He clarifies that these chants were never subjugated or imposed by leaders, but rather became a tradition established by cities, teams and leagues. A tradition that began in the United States, in Boston in 1918, and which was accentuated at the end of the Second World War.

    In Canada, even if patriotism is less embodied than in the land of Uncle Sam, Canada’s Minister of Sports, Pascale St-Onge, maintains that the national anthem still has a special connotation, because the athletes and spectators remain attached to Canadian symbols such as the flag and the national anthem.


    Great Britain does not officially have a national anthem.


    Which Country Doesn’t Have The National Anthem?

    Great Britain does not officially have a national anthem.
    National anthems are a kind of visiting card outside the country; inside, they promote the feeling of cohesion. Hymns speak to humans – through music, voices, language and text; they generate reactions at the level of the senses, emotions and the brain.

    What Is The Importance Of The National Anthem?

    History has made this revolutionary war song a national anthem with accents of freedom, which today accompanies most official demonstrations. Its author, Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle, born 1760 in Lons-le-Saunier, was a captain of engineers during the Revolution.

    What is the origin of the national anthem?

    Entitled War Song for the Army of the Rhine, this song was popularized in Paris by Marseille soldiers who gave it its new name.

    What is the national anthem before La Marseillaise?

    Number 1 – Russia The music, written by Aleksandr Aleksandrov, was first composed for the anthem of the Soviet Union and then taken up in 2000 by President Vladimir Putin as the official anthem of Russia.

    What is the most beautiful anthem in the world?

    La Marseillaise – France This song, from the French Revolution, was adopted by the Convention on July 14, 1795 until the Empire of 1804, then in 1879 under the 3rd Republic.

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