Does Andrea Morehead Still Work For Channel 13?


I used to see Andrea Morehead on Channel 13, but is she still employed by Channel 13?


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    Andrea Morehead has been a fixture on the Indianapolis news scene since 1999. And now, 20 years later, she feels deeply connected to the city and grateful for the opportunities she has had as co-anchor of the 6 p.m. news.


    Andrea Morehead is a broadcaster. Andrea Morehead has been making her mark on the Indianapolis news scene since 1999, when she signed her first contract as a newly minted journalist from Anderson with WTHR Channel 13. She is still deeply connected to the city 20 years later. She is also grateful for the opportunities she has had as co-anchor of the 6 p.m. news.
    “This Is My Town.”

    “I’ve always felt a connection to Indianapolis in some way,” she says. “She had long been a part of the Indiana Black Expo and had grown up watching Indianapolis news programmes.”
    “This is my hometown.” “This is my home,” Morehead says. “I still get goose bumps every time I drive into Indianapolis.”

    Being a Character in a Story Morehead is inspired not only by reporting on stories but also by being a part of the story and making things known.

    Despite receiving numerous awards and taking on a much larger role at WTHR over the last two decades, Morehead has never lost her personal touch or accessibility to the people of Indianapolis and beyond. She has always portrayed the evening news as honest and serious but also involved and concerned.
    Because of Morehead’s many talents as a journalist and a trusted face, the news station has sent her on numerous assignments at home and abroad, but whether she is broadcasting from distant locations like Sydney, Australia, or from downtown Indianapolis, she has maintained a professional demeanour.

    Andrea Morehead and television

    Morehead has always had a passion for television and news journalism in particular. She could see herself doing interviews and broadcasting the news from a young age.

    But Morehead, never one to look back, is always looking forward. She has always believed that setting goals and working toward them are critical to success and happiness. And she has always maintained that these objectives are important because life is ever changing. “Never stop dreaming,” she says.
    Morehead is grateful for each new day, and while she appreciates the opportunities that a city like Indianapolis and a news station like WTHR provide her, she has never forgotten the day-to-day blessings of family and friendship. For example, she believes that her breast cancer journey has

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