Does Car Seat Go Behind Driver Or Passenger?


Whose Back Does the Car Seat Facing Forward Go Against?


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    Put the car seat in the middle seat if at all possible. In that case, the space behind the wheel or the passenger seat will suffice. It’s preferable if it’s located in the trunk, out of the way of the airbags.


    When using a rear-facing car seat, does it go behind the driver or the passenger?

     Two car seats can be installed in the middle rear seat; one in each rear passenger seat; and one in the middle middle seat. The question of whether a rear-facing or front-facing car seat should be installed behind the driver or the passenger has been answered.

    Suv car seat installation instructions

    If your SUV has bench seating in the second and third rows, you can install a car seat in the middle of each row. You can also put a car seat in the middle seat of the second row, the middle seat of the third row, and the back seat of the third row.

    Is it safest to position the car seat behind the driver or somewhere else in the car?

    My wife insisted that we put the car seat in the middle of the back row, behind the driver. She says this is because a driver will naturally try to shield his side of the vehicle (by turning the vehicle) in the event of a collision.

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