Does I Or O Mean On?


I saw this symbol on the switch. I think it ‘on’ I don’t know what it exactly mean.


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    It will activate as soon as you set it to a 1 or a |. Following IEC 60417-5008, the power-off sign (circle) on a button or toggle indicates that turning the control on will turn off the power to the device. Enter 0 or turn off. According to IEC 60417-5009, the standby icon (a line inside a broken circle) denotes a sleep mode or low power condition.



    Which, the letter I or O, holds the upper hand?

    Icons Representing the On and Off States of a Power Switch (I & O)
    The letters “I” and “O” can be found on nearly all electrical controls. The letter “I” represents active power, while the letter “O” represents inactive power.

    Which letter represents “on”—an I or an O?

    Indicators indicating “on” and “off” are depicted by a line and a circle, respectively. When a button switch has input and output (I/O), it can be used to toggle power on and off. Until very recently, Unicode lacked the power symbols defined by standards such as ISO 7000/IEC 60417 and IEEE 1621.

    If you press O, what turns off the device, and if you press I, what turns it on?

    Consistent with IEC 60417, the “ON” symbol is a vertical line “I,” whereas the “OFF” symbol is a horizontal “O.”

    When it reads “on/off,” what does that mean?

    If a switch or button has the IEC 5008 power off (circle) sign on it, then pressing it or toggling it off will have that effect. A power on/off symbol, represented by a line inside a circle, is used on buttons to switch an electronic device on and off per IEC 509. This originates from the binary system, where 0 means off.

    How do you turn the switch on and off?

    In addition, the direction that indicates “on” varies from country to country. Toggle switches are typically used with the “up” position being “on” in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the rest of North America. But, in many other countries, like the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, the “on” position is typically “down.”


    The on/off power switch is a rocker style and is marked with a “O” and a dash. They represent the international “On” and “Off” symbols for electricity. An “O” indicates that power is off and a “-” indicates that it is on. Turning on the pressure washer is as simple as pressing the “—”down on the on/off switch.

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