Does Minoxidil Make Weight Gain?


I have been using this medication for a month and I feel like I have gained some weight. I think Minoxidil caused weight gain.


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    Minoxidil is a molecule that is part of the composition of several dermatological drugs against cases of hair loss.
    When applied to the skin, minoxidil stimulates the growth of keratinocytes, these cells which constitute 90% of the superficial layer of the skin (epidermis) and appendages (nails, hair, body hair, etc.): it therefore promotes hair growth . When taken orally, minoxidil causes significant dilation of blood vessels and, in particular, arteries: it thus fights against excess blood pressure.


    Minoxidil Side Effects


    I was wondering if minoxidil caused fluid retention.
    Repercussions that Aren’t So Great

    With oral minoxidil, you may experience fluid and sodium retention. This may result in fluid retention, added body mass, hypertension, heart failure, and pulmonary edema. Minoxidil treatment has been linked to reports of tachycardia and pericardial effusion.

    The side effects of minoxidil are unknown.
    The Downside

    Pimples where you applied it.
    The victim’s scalp was burned.
    Facial hair expansion.
    Hair thinning has become more noticeable.
    Itching or redness at the hair’s origin.
    inflammation of the skin.
    facial puffiness

    Can you tell the difference in how your face looks after using minoxidil?
    There is currently insufficient data in the medical literature to conclude that minoxidil accelerates facial aging. Minoxidil may influence collagen synthesis in the scalp.

    If you combine minoxidil and finasteride, might you possibly gain weight?
    Propecia has not been linked to any adverse weight effects (finasteride).

    When using minoxidil, should it be used indefinitely?
    Androgenetic alopecia (the condition that causes male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness) requires lifelong usage of the drug minoxidil. The hair will revert to its previous state and worsen if minoxidil treatment is discontinued. In reality, there is no cure for androgenetic alopecia; all treatments must be used indefinitely.

    How about using minoxidil on your eyes?
    Apart from mild side effects including burning, irritation, and reduced visual acuity, we are unaware of any reports of serious ocular side effects of topical minoxidil.

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