Does Planet Fitness Have A Scale?


I was wondering whether Planet Fitness has some kind of scale.


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    To a certain extent, our weight depends on our health and our body image. Many people who have stepped on a scale think that they are already too heavy and are not satisfied with what this number represents.
    But is the scale a good way to judge your health? if you go to
    Planet Fitness, you may not notice any scales appearing outdoors. So does Planet Fitness have scales? Or are they taking a different approach to weight management? The short answer is no. Planet Fitness does not have scales in its clubs.
    In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why Planet Fitness doesn’t have scales in gyms.

    Scales in gyms

    It can be very convenient to use a gym scale. Scales help you track your baseline. You can weigh yourself and then decide how much weight you need to lose. After a few weeks or months, you can weigh him again to see his progress. In this way, you use the scale correctly.
    These scales are usually calibrated and have better accuracy and quality than household scales.
    However, there are many who are obsessed with scale and number reading. They measure themselves almost every day. Then being disappointed that they never lost weight. or worse, they gained some weight! this can lead some people to the conclusion that their exercises are not working. Even after all these efforts, the number does not decrease. They may cancel their gym membership for that reason alone, or maybe they’re just dipping into that bag of chips.
    Remember that getting fit and losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. This also does not mean that you get fat when you weigh more. Weight can fluctuate when you keep your body fit. All the pounds added or lost in a day can depend on water weight.
    Some people may not notice weight loss due to fat loss because they have also gained weight in the process. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you may not notice much of a difference when weighed, but your clothes may be tighter than before. the scales
    They can help you see your progress, but they shouldn’t be the only basis for knowing if your exercise routine is working. Take measurements, focus on how your clothes fit, and pay attention to how you feel. These things can also help you determine if your hard work is paying off.

    Why Is There No Scale at Planet Fitness?

    The main reason that Planet Fitness does not have scales in its clubs is due to the “Judicial Free Zone” slogans. They are not marketed as regular gym goers with bodybuilders and gym rats.
    It is more for beginners who may not have full confidence in going to a regular gym because they fear being embarrassed by more experienced gym members.
    They believe that the scales can be a reason to judge not only other people, but also ourselves. Some may be put off by the number on the scale and cancel their Planet Fitness membership out of frustration.
    Another reason there are no scales at Planet Fitness is that some people find them scary. Because Planet Fitness caters to beginners, they think their members may rely too heavily on scales as a measure of health.

    Scales are not the only way to measure progress.

    It’s also an expense to buy and maintain on the Planet Fitness side, like pools and saunas. Due to its potentially negative impact on their members, they chose not to issue scales.
    This can save them some money while helping to change the mindset of their members.
    Aim for health, not an arbitrary number!


    If you happen to go to Planet Fitness, you might not notice any scales visible in the open. So does Planet Fitness have scales? Or do they take a different approach to weight management? The short answer is no. Planet Fitness does not have scales on their clubs.

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