Does Rogaine Cause Weight Gain


My Brother did a rogaine treatment. But Nowdays he feel he gained more weight. So I want to know about it will give any side effects.


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    Rogaine for all types of hair problems


    When it is not appropriate to use Rogaine
    If you have any of the following conditions, you shouldn’t take Rogaine:

    If your scalp is discoloured, itchy, nauseous, or painful to the touch; if you are younger than 18 years old; if you have recently given birth; or if you are experiencing sudden and patchy baldness, you should see a doctor immediately.

    You may have blamed your hair loss on the use of hair products, chemicals, or inappropriate hair grooming procedures. This is a common misconception.

    It is not the absence of hair follicles that is causing your hair to thin; rather, it is due to another condition or factor, such as a thyroid disease, alopecia, a deficiency in nutrients, scarring on the scalp, or even chemotherapy.

    Rogaine has been shown to be beneficial in treating male- and female-pattern baldness as well as hair thinning in both sexes. It is not a method that is typically utilised in order to cure thinning hair or baldness on the top of the head. However, a doctor has the option of prescribing Rogaine for a variety of hair loss conditions, including baldness.


    Is there any possibility that Rogaine could accelerate hair loss?
    The use of Rogaine may cause temporary hair loss, lasting up to two weeks. You can see a softer than typical regrowth of hair that lacks colour until the product’s full effect kicks in. If Rogaine is effective, your new hair will grow in at the same rate and look the same as your existing hair.

    When should I take Rogaine?
    You should remain using Rogaine if it is helping you, as the effects will fade if you stop.

    Just where do I look for it?
    Rogaine is available at most local pharmacies and on the company’s website. Minoxidil can be purchased through a variety of online retailers, including Roman, Hims, and Keeps.

    What about Rogaine? Does it help with beards?
    The Food and Drug Administration has only cleared Rogaine for use on the top of the head, called the vertex. If you ask your doctor, though, you might get the green light to use it for something other than its intended purpose: facial hair expansion.

    Does Rogaine work to stop hair loss?
    The FDA has only approved Rogaine for growing hair on the top of the head (the vertex), so it should not be used to treat thinning hair or a receding hairline. If you want to use it somewhere else, you should consult with your doctor beforehand.



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