Does Sims 4 Is There A Way To Reverse Age?


Is It Possible To Reverse Aging In The Sims 4.


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    How to live forever in The Sims 4

    The Sims 4 has a factor that makes it very interesting, and that is that every life that begins, one day ends. In this game there are many types of deaths that can happen to the characters, and there is one of them that cannot be avoided, death due to old age.

    After going through each of the life stages, the Grim Reaper arrives to take the Sim to rest in peace. It ‘s not entirely inevitable though, as there are several ways to cheat death with different tips and tricks that will make your Sims live forever. If you want to know how, we leave you the complete guide to The Sims 4 so that you can solve this great problem with the Grim Reaper.

    Drink youth potion in The Sims 4

    If you want to keep your human form, there is also a solution, although it will possibly cost more. Going to the “Aspiration” section, you will find the “Reward Shop” where you can get the Potion of Youth. This will restart your stage of life and keep you there if you wish, it is recommended to use it a few days before your birthday. To get it, you have to collect 1500 satisfaction points every time you want to rejuvenate your character.


  1. The Sims can grow up from babies to seniors! Check out the FAQs linked below for more information on each age group:
    Sims for Adults


    How do I age my Sims? 

    You must give your Sim a birthday. Bake a birthday cake for them, then tap on your Sim and select “Have Birthday.” Your Sim will automatically advance to the next level after you confirm this action.

    How long does it take for a Sim to grow old? From start to finish, the full life cycle takes about 60 action-days (as in total time for the Sim performing actions).

    What exactly is the age controller?

    The Age Controller menu is where you can keep track of your Sims’ life stages and control their ages. This tab is available, as is information about your career and hobbies.

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