Does Textron Own Polaris?


Is Textron the owner of Polaris?


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  1. When did Textron finally give up on the Polaris brand?

    Textron has made a second foray into the snowmobile market by acquiring Arctic Cat. Between the years 1968 and 1981, Textron owned Polaris.

    Perhaps the Arctic Cat brand is owned by Polaris?

    Like Arctic Cat’s parent company Textron, Polaris has made the Fortune 500. Two of the four manufacturers in the snowmobile sector are now represented on the Fortune 500 list, thanks to Textron’s purchase of Arctic Cat last year and Polaris’ inclusion this year. American snowmobilers represent a significant demographic of the sport’s global audience.

    Do you know who makes Textron’s ATVs?

    Who makes the motors for Textron all-terrain vehicles? Textron Inc. of Rhode Island purchased Polaris Industries in January 2017 for $7 million, and Arctic Cat was then integrated into Textron Specialty Vehicles.

    Can you tell me about the other companies that Polaris Industries owns?

    Over the years, Polaris has acquired several companies that make utility vehicles. In 2011, they bought Goupil. In 2013, they bought Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) and Aixam-Mega; in 2016, they bought Taylor-Dunn. In the current sales structure, they account for 8% of the whole and are classified as an element of the neighbouring worldwide markets category.

    Toys R Us or Arctic Cat? Which company makes Arctic Cat Side by Side vehicles?

    Arctic Cat snowmobiles and ATVs are made in the U.S. in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. The company that would become a division of Textron Inc. started in 1960.

  2. It was a bug-out day at Yamaha’s “sneak peek” at its 50th-anniversary models, and the assembled snowman-writers had a farewell breakfast at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario, when the news of the Textron takeover of Arctic Cat broke.



    Advantages of Polaris Industries

    Polaris’s off-road vehicles are the company’s bread and butter, accounting for around two-thirds of annual revenue. In the first quarter of 2017, Polaris’ ATVs, UTVs, and line of snowmobiles contributed $724 million to the company’s total revenue of $1.15 billion. In 2016, these same products contributed nearly $3.4 billion of the company’s total sales of $4.5 billion.

    Despite the company’s best efforts, it has been plagued by repeated recalls due to fire dangers in its automobiles. The estimated cost of repairs is $125 million, which is a lot of money but not enough to cripple the company’s finances. Its quality reputation is suffering, but the decrease in market share hasn’t been very dramatic. There is an excellent reason to believe that this unfortunate episode will soon be in the past, at which point Polaris will be able to return to its original goal of expanding its market share.

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