Emma Meaning In Hebrew?


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    Emma is also the diminutive of the first name of Hebrew origin Emmanuelle which means “God is with us” (‘Īmmānū’ēl in Hebrew).


    In Hebrew, immanu-el means “God is with us”. If we take into account its Germanic origin, Emma then means ” house “


    Meaning of first name:
    The name Emma has several origins, which is why the meanings are multiple. In Hebrew, this name would translate “God is with us” while in its Germanic root, Emma means “the almighty”.

    Character of Emma:
    They are so endearing these Emma! Although they can get carried away with anger at times, they are very dedicated people. Their totem animal, the doe, reflects a very emotional side in their character but also sometimes anxious.

    They are extroverts in constant search of discoveries. They love to help and are not easily influenced since they are very attached to their honor. They can’t stand being deceived, duped.

    The Emmas are confident when they have something specific to accomplish, otherwise they revert to the nervous shyness of the doe.

    Will :
    Their willpower is amazing, not for its intensity, but mostly for its quality.

    Intelligence :
    They have synthetic intelligence, and quickly become aware of all the facts of a situation. The Emmas are very curious, as we said above, they love to discover and learn.

    One of the strongest emotions that we are given to meet!

    The Emma like to be surrounded, loneliness is not their strong point. In fact, sharing with those around them just makes them happy. However, they hate flirting and all games that directly or indirectly affect affectivity. Always be honest with them.


    Maybe Emma is a shortened form of the name Emmanuelle. The Hebrew word for “God is with us” is immanu-el, and Emma’s meaning of “whole” or “universal” comes from Germanic roots. It is a short form of the Hebrew name Emmanuelle and the Germanic name Imma.

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