How Big Should Buds Be At 5 Weeks?


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  1. An essential operation, pruning is one of the most pleasant activities in gardening. The objective is often to “make it clean” and to model the plants to embellish their forms. There is little risk in pruning too much or badly, except to delay the next flowering or harvest by a year.

    I don’t leave my garden abandoned

    The plant has grown too much and outgrown its reserved spot. It must be pruned to limit its development. For a successful thick hedge, training pruning – especially in the early years – is essential. Some species must be pruned to obtain abundant flowering, others for fruiting.


    I use appropriate tools, and I maintain them

    There are a multitude of specific pruning tools. Here we will list the essential tools to use, depending on the size of the branches. – The pruneris intended for branches not exceeding fifteen millimeters in diameter. – The pruning shears are designed for branches ranging from 2 to 3 cm in diameter. – The handsaw, preferably folding, is used to cut the largest branches. – Secateurs and shears can be suitable for training pruning. – An electric or thermal hedge trimmer is rather used for maintenance pruning. 

    1. Then either you debud the trunk immediately, keeping only 3 to 5 buds at the top of the scion (these buds will provide the main branches), or you let the side branches form and, during the winter, you remove the lower branches to keep only a few high branches.
    2. First of all, you determine the height of the trunk according to the desired shape (high-stems, half-stem…) then you top the scion above a well-formed eye and, of course, above the grafting point if the tree is grafted. This pruning induces the growth of side shoots.
    3. The second year, you select between 3 and 5 branches (the best oriented) and remove the others; each branch will get bigger, so the tree should not be too crowded.
    4. The preserved branches are in turn folded down to about 20 cm , above two well-formed eyes and oriented in the right direction, that is to say the desired direction for the future branch.

    Les règles de base de la taille

    For safety reasons, it is best to wear gardening gloves and goggles when trimming a hedge. Pay attention to the electric cable that it is prudent to attach to the belt in the back, before sliding it over the shoulder. Tools must be sharp for clean, clean cuts, and disinfected (90°C alcohol) before and after use.


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