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How can I communicate with my spirit guide?

How can I communicate with my spirit guide?

The enduring connections I’ve made have greatly improved my quality of life. My spirit guide team and my friends, family, classmates, and coworkers are among the people I share a deep, personal relationship with. My guides aren’t distant characters I occasionally turn to for assistance. I hardly ever go a day without speaking to them or sensing their tender presence.

I am aware that having a relationship with my guides helps not only me but also them. Remember Clarence, the budding angel from the beloved holiday film It’s a Wonderful Life? Clarence received his wings as a result of helping George, just as being supported and protected by your guides enables them to advance to a new level. How can you allow your guides to be present in your life every day? You don’t need to be medium or psychic to make this happen. Setting a goal and inviting your guides in is possible with attention, mindfulness, and gratitude.

This is how:

1. Establish a holy location.

For Spirit, the earth dimension is a heavy and unappealing world. If you increase your energy, you will make it simpler to meet you halfway. The book I wrote, Wisdom From Your Spirit Guides, goes into great depth about how to center yourself, expand your heart space, and channel your energy through your chakra points. A “guide-friendly atmosphere” will be created using all of these strategies.

2. Request the presence of your guides.

The guides are always around, ready and prepared to provide you with what you need, but they won’t impose their will on you unless it’s an emergency. You can help them feel welcome by performing the exercise below.

3. Get to know your mentors.

It will be simpler to feel close to someone the more you understand them. Ask your guides a few questions when you sense their presence.

4. Log your discoveries in a journal.

The process of comprehending your guides is continual. Keep a journal and write down any ideas or thoughts you have about or from your directions. Keep a journal of your dreams, visions, and instances when you felt like your guide stepped in to help. Give each guide its section if you have more than one. Even better, sketch what your guides might look like.

5. Remain alert.

It’s simple to miss the heavenly wisdom and direction that comes your way when you’re preoccupied with daily living. You’ll be able to observe energy shifts, recognize when your guides are present, and take advantage of their advice if you remain alert and present.

Your angels, spirit pets, and spirit guides, in general, are meant to connect with you, communicate with you, provide life advice, and serve as a source of inspiration. What’s the issue if you’re not having this problem? As it turns out, you are the most significant obstacle between you and your spirit guides. The relationship with your spirit guides can be impacted by various factors, including your attitude and even the foods you eat.

But don’t worry; you can do many things to get the channels open again. You are both the cause of the issue and its remedy. Here are seven issues that practically everyone encounters regularly. Of course, there are many more that you may find on your journey, so use these as a starting point for reflection and give your own heart and lifestyle some serious thought:


You’re new to the game of spiritual work. Not a huge deal! It could slightly trip you up if you need to know what you’re doing. The wisest course of action is to do nothing at all! Naturally, you should remain with an open heart and mind. Still, it would help if you also learned to calm your thoughts, possibly through regular meditation, to maintain your patience and to keep your expectations in check. You can also work on enhancing your awareness and all of your senses. Once more, sometimes be alert; instead, widen your receptiveness channels.


What surrounds you attracts you. Is your house a jumble of miscellaneous items that got tossed around during the chaos? Under those piles of who knows what is your desk even discernible? Your financial situation can reveal your emotional state. This is why Feng Shui places such a high value on cleaning the area. “Clean room, clean spirit.” Your guides are drawn to that kind of Spirit and atmosphere. Give them as much help as possible, create the most inviting environment, and then let them get to work.


Are you anticipating a massive sign with life instructions to strike you literally over the head? Now is the time to move on and concentrate on your relationship with your guides.

You never know how your guides will get in touch with you, and by having unrealistic expectations, you’re more than anything limiting yourself than you are your guides. The gestures may vary in size and grandness from time to time, or they may consist only of sentiments, whispers in your ears or heart, or ephemeral images. These indications can occasionally be even more potent than a loud thunderclap! Discover the little hints, and the big ones might or might not appear. It’s irrelevant! Once you establish a connection with your guides, you’ll understand that what is important is the journey with the spirits and the sign itself.


The emotional stress and tension you’re creating if you’re waiting and wondering for messages from your spirit guides all the time could cause you to miss it completely! Additionally, in this mindset, you’re not trusting your guidance and insisting on getting your way and the results you want. What is the appeal of that?

Building up your patience also increases your confidence in your guidance, further solidifying your link. Even when dealing with difficulties, you can be assured that your advisors are looking out for your best interests and will help you when needed. All kinds of beautiful things can occur suddenly when you least expect them. You’ll begin to understand that the coincidences that seem so fortuitously timed are deliberate messages and directions from the spirits who care about you as your relationship with your guide grows.


The chaos of some interactions and circumstances can undoubtedly be the biggest distractions. You can’t be happy if you constantly argue with a friend or try to make everyone else happy. You’re anxious, probably guarded, and not paying attention. Due to this, communicating with your spirit guides may be challenging.

Please ask your guides to assist you in clearing your heart. Replace the fear and negativity with the calming, loving energy of optimism. Ask your guides to assist you in identifying any relationships that you may have outgrown and are hindering rather than advancing you. Relationships that are sapping your vital emotional and spiritual energies can be reduced.

It’s up to you to decide who to devote your time and energy to, even though it’s crucial to continue to love everyone around you. Your friends’ negative energy and your own will make it more difficult so that your spirit guides can talk to you.


Humans are collections of energy waves that are constantly accelerating. Through consensus reality, you have consented to experience yourself in concrete forms as a human. Everything you do, think, eat, drink, inhale, exhale, and put on or around your body impacts the total vibration of your complete being. After all, since food is energy for us, it affects our overall energy.

You must therefore be attentive to the vibrations of the meals you consume. You can better maintain a robust, healthy, energetic, and joyous condition when you consume meals with a high and quick vibration. Conversely, when you consume meals that have a slower, lower vibration, you lower your vibration and may wonder why you don’t feel as well that day.


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