How Do I Change The Picture On My Home Screen?


In what ways am I able to modify the background image that appears when I first boot up my device.


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    Image of your lock screen
    Select Start > Settings. Select Personalization > lock screen. Select the listing for the background, then do one of the following: Select Windows Spotlight for a beautiful photograph that automatically displays.



    To access the Start Screen, press the Windows key. On the Start screen, click the User Tile in the upper right corner. Change Account Picture is the option. Use the Browse button to select any image from your computer, Bing, SkyDrive, or even your camera, or click one of the provided background images.


    How to change wallpaper on an Android smartphone?

    The procedure will be slightly different depending on the device you are using. On an Android smartphone, go to the gallery, choose a photo and then in the “More” menu, select “Set as wallpaper”. You then have the option of installing this image as the home screen (the background of your unlocked screen), as the lock screen, or both.

    How to change wallpaper on an Apple phone?

    The procedure is almost identical on an iPhone. Just go to your phone’s settings, then tap “Wallpaper” and finally “Choose a new wallpaper”. Choose your wallpaper from your photo gallery, resize then click “Set”. The phone will then offer to install the visual on the locked screen or the home screen. Make your choices!

    How to put several photos as wallpaper?

    If you want to see multiple photos scrolling across your lock screen, much like some computer standbys, there are apps that can help. On an iPhone, you can download the free IntoLive app to create animated wallpapers. Once the app is installed, just select all the photos you want to appear. The application will take care of making the video for you and you will only have to designate it as the wallpaper. On Android, the Wallpaper changer application is available for free via the Google Play Store platform. Thanks to it, you can enjoy a slideshow as a wallpaper.

    Where to download nice wallpapers?

    There are also sites where you can download wallpapers for your smartphone. Cars, landscapes, animals, art… On you will find many free wallpapers with resolution suitable for smartphones. A menu allows you to classify the images according to the dominant color you want. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, take a look at the site, which also offers a large image bank. Visit these sites with your smartphone, choose an image and long press on it. A menu appears, offering to download it. This is then found in the gallery of your phone. You just need to apply the above procedure to display it as wallpaper.

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