How Do I Drain My Intex Pool Without The Adapter?


I only have an Intex pool How Do I Drain My Intex Pool If I Don’t Have an Adapter?


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    Draining an Above-Ground Pool (Even Without a Pump)

    Perhaps it’s full of filthy, stagnant water. Perhaps you need to remove it completely for the season or make emergency repairs. In any case, you’ll need to drain some or all of the water from your pool. And, if you’ve never drained your pool before, doing it incorrectly can damage your pool liner or, worse, cause the entire structure to collapse.
    Here’s how to drain an above-ground pool, either with or without a pump. The video tutorial is embedded below. Alternatively, continue reading for a comprehensive pool draining guide.

    When Is It Time to Drain an Above-Ground Pool?

    There are only a few instances when you will need to completely drain your pool. Depending on the size of your pool, you should only ever need to partially drain it, even to repair leaks. However, there are several situations in which you should drain most or all of your water.

    How to Drain an Above-Ground Pool Without a Pump Using a Garden Hose Siphon 

    If you’re only partially draining your pool or don’t want to use a pump, you can syphon out the water with a garden hose. It will take longer than using a pump, but this simple, do-it-yourself method eliminates the need to purchase or rent any equipment.

    The simplest way to make a syphon is to immerse the entire garden hose in water and then remove one end of the hose from the pool:


    When it comes to above-ground pools, Intex Recreation Corporation manufactures everything from small kiddie pools to those with metal frames large enough for the entire family.

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