How Do You See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace?


Recently I use Facebook Marketplace. But some informations are getting hide. I want to see that informations. Anybody told me how to see the hidden informations in that app.


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    How do you see hidden information on the Facebook Marketplace app?

    However, to view Facebook Marketplace information, simply remove www. and add m. This will open the mobile version of the site on your PC and you will now be able to see all of the seller’s information, including their mobile phone number which you can use to contact them to purchase their products.

    Do you know why I can’t see details on Facebook market?

    Click on ‘More tools>Clear browsing data>Clear data. As for mobile users, they must ensure that they are using the most recent version of the application by consulting it on the Play Store/App Store. Users can also try restarting their computer or phone to confirm if the issue goes away on their end.

    Generally Why can’t I see hidden information on the Facebook Marketplace app?

    Historically, Facebook Marketplace users reported that it was primarily the phone number that was hidden from web browsers. Changing the URL of the mobile version often solves the problem and gives them access to hidden information. Look at your web browser’s URL window, change the www. be Mr.

    Where is Facebook Marketplace on the app?

    Open the Facebook app on your smart phone. Tap the Three horizontal lines section or the More section at the top right of your app screen. Once the More section opens, tap on the Marketplace option below. As soon as you tap on Marketplace, the online shopping portal opens for you.

    What happened on Facebook Marketplace?

    Although there are separate apps for Facebook Local and Facebook Messenger, Facebook Marketplace runs entirely within the main Facebook app and website. If you’re installing apps on a new phone or tablet, all you need to access Facebook Marketplace is the main Facebook app.


    Recommendations to prevent the appearance of hidden information.

    This statement is only responsible for concealing the information, if this error occurs, it will be due to the influence of the seller and the data that this public. In order for the statement not to appear, you must follow the following recommendations:

    Do not publish a phone number, to add a number do not specify words (WhatsApp and phone), another way is to put a special character to the number in the form of a dot; You can also put the number in parts.

    You must not publish your emails or you can add them in part, try not to publish addresses, the best thing to do is to give this information to your customers privately, i.e. by Messenger.

    Other recommendations that you can implement are: At the time of your publication you can write that your data will be provided to customers interested in the product who write to you on Messenger, this will avoid this declaration, it will also avoid inconvenience between your buyers , you can also make an image, where you drop all this information.

    You can also check the other posts in Marketplace and guide you there, in order to create your own posts without error, the best thing you can do is update Facebook to its latest version, so you will see everything there again that this application offers and advanced messages that you make.



    With the use of social media on the global platform, there is an urgent need for privacy and security concerns. All the users are entitled to security and privacy concerns throughout their platform.

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