How Long Does A Puff Plus Last?


To what extent does a Puff Plus work?


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    You can get up to 800 puffs from the Puff Plus and up to 1800 from the Puff Flow.


    How long can I eat a Puff Bar?

    How you can use your Puff Bar depends on how you want to use it. Let’s look at that with a specific product in mind. The first item is the puff bar.

    The Puff Bar was the first thing our team made, and it’s also how we got our name. It’s the story of how we came up with new ideas. It was made to make vaping easier, more effective, and more like smoking in the future. Its whole goal is to make your experience easier. And it does that with three qualities that make it stand out.

    Quality #1: Puff Potential: The Puff Bar is already filled with 1.8 mL of Salt Nic, so it can give you up to 400 smooth puffs. Since every puff bar has the same amount of salt nicotine, the 400-puff limit stays the same from bar to bar, and only one thing can change that. Your preferences for vaping.

    If you like to take bigger, longer puffs, you’ll probably use up the Salt Nic filling before your 400th pull. But if you keep things easy and take shorter puffs most of the time, you can reach the upper limit.

    Quality #2: Puff consistency, or the idea that the taste, feeling, and experience will be the same no matter how you puff or how many puffs you’ve taken. We’ve worked hard to make sure that our products are just as strong at the end as they are at the beginning. This strength, along with our smoothness, comes from the 5% salt nicotine we use. starting on day 1 and continuing until day 20. That’s one good thing about how consistent Puff Bars are.

    Puff Power: The Puff Bar is completely self-sufficient because it has its own 350 mAH battery that is already charged. That means you don’t have to do anything to make it work well. (Except for when you take a puff.) As soon as you take a puff, the bar turns on and stays on, so you never have to charge or refill it. With Puff Bar’s puff power, there’s no setup and no hassle. All you get is simplicity. each time.

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