How Long Does It Take Stadium Goods To Ship?


When ordering stadium merchandise, how long do I have to wait for delivery?


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    To what end do Stadium Goods serve?

    We have an 80%/20% consignment policy for new, never-worn footwear. After an item sells or payment is received, the funds will be available for withdrawal within three business days.

    How Do I Find Out If My Item Has Sold?

    Reports on stock are emailed every Wednesday. As of recently, the reports tab of the seller portal allows you to view past sales data. When an item has been paid for and settled up, it will show up in one of three categories on the email reports: Sold Items, Your Inventory, or Paid Out.

    How Do Payments Work?

    As soon as it sells, you can come pick up your payment at our retail outlet. Our consignment staff can set you up with ACH to accept wire transfers for payments. No appointment is necessary for check pickup between 12 PM and 8 PM daily. To receive a check, you must present valid identification. We can also arrange for 1st class mail delivery of checks on your behalf. 

    May I change the prices of my goods?

    Using our vendor dashboard, you can easily make changes to the prices of your shoes. You are solely responsible for any pricing problems or mistakes that happen because you use our portal system. You can change prices once a day. 

    May I Return my Shoes?

    There will be no cost to the seller for retrieving their items from consignment. Please give us at least 24 hours’ notice if you need a return. Items can be picked up in-store if desired. Mailing Shoes to Stadium Goods
    Online FEDEX label creation and payment is possible after your ticket has been approved through the seller portal. Our cost-saving FEDEX services are an added bonus for you. My size 7 shoes aren’t listed anywhere on the site.

    There are a few possibilities that could prevent you from spotting your footwear while on location. A few examples of conceivable outcomes are as follows: First of all, you are not the cheapest option. If we haven’t yet photographed your item, we will do so within the next few days and post the results online. Third, they might be held for an order that is still being reviewed.

    can’t log in to the seller portal Help?

    We will return any footwear you have sent us that does not conform to our stated conditions at your expense. Items sent in that are not listed for conditional reasons will be held for 30 days before being destroyed or donated. Please fill out a return form in the event that we determine your items are fake. Due to the seriousness of authenticity concerns, we work closely with law enforcement to bring those who sell fake goods to justice. Authenticity issues with items sent frequently occur without the sender’s knowledge. Even though this is taken into account, it is very important that the right paperwork is kept in these situations. 

    I Did Not Have My Ticket Accepted Why?

    Ticket sales are subject to many conditions, many of which you do not meet. Sometimes it’s because we don’t think an item will sell well on our site, and other times it’s because we have way too much of it. That and the fact that the price you’re asking is too high also come to mind. Stadium Goods provides a high-end service. However, we must remain cost-competitive in order to survive as a business.

  1. From what I’ve seen, Stadium Goods is mostly legit, so I wouldn’t worry too much about some of the bad reviews you might find online. Some people have had trouble.

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