How Long Is 5 Miles In Minutes?


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    How to calculate nautical miles?

    Usually, in the chart exercises of professional or recreational nautical degrees, we will need to know how to calculate nautical miles between two points .

    This is a basic exercise to fully understand how the cards work and thus be able to interpret them properly .

    In this post we will analyze this unit of measurement that is used so much in the nautical world and we will learn to calculate distances and represent them.

    Unit of measure: Miles
    The “mile” is a measure of distance invented by the Romans.

    One (land) mile was equal to 1,000 person steps ; and a step was 5 Roman feet.

    “The Roman armies, as they advanced, left a mark every 1000 steps to measure the distances.”

    Most modern countries have over time adopted the metric system , which is much more practical and easy to use.

    However, empires such as the English – with great influence in the nautical world – still use miles as a unit of measurement.

    Hence, at sea, miles and not kilometers are used for distances and speeds.

    The statute and nautical mile
    Although it is not very intuitive, we have to be careful, since there are two types of miles .

    The terrestrial one, which evolves from the Roman mile and measures 1609.344 meters .

    And the marine or nautical mile, with 1852 meters .

    It is important to note that the nautical mile is not calculated by feet or steps , but rather is a trigonometric calculation.


    How long is a nautical mile and how is it determined?
    If you remember, the earth is divided into meridians (imaginary vertical lines) and parallels (horizontal lines).

    Latitude is measured on the meridians ; the northern hemisphere has 90 degrees, and each degree has 60 minutes.

    A nautical mile represents the distance between two points separated by one minute of latitude , that is, the distance between two parallels separated by 1 minute.

    This distance turns out to be 1852 meters , that is, one nautical mile .

    Distances on nautical charts
    It may be that you are studying for a nautical degree or that you want to practice sailing without electronics, using paper charts.

    In any of the cases we will have to know how to measure and represent distances on a chart.

    In addition, this will also allow us to later apply formulas to calculate speeds or calculate how long it will take to get from one point to another.

    How to calculate nautical miles between two points
    If we want to calculate the distance in miles between two points on a nautical chart, we have to take into account the previous definition.

    To measure the distance between two points we will do the following:

    – With the compass, we take the distance between the two points to be measured.

    – We place the compass on the lateral scale and obtain the minutes.

    – From the minutes we measure, we calculate the nautical miles

    The rule is very simple:

    1 minute = 1 mile

    Therefore, if our measurement results in 5.5 minutes , we will have that distance equal to 5.5 nautical miles .

    Tip : Place the point of the compass at a parallel, for example at 36°, this way it will be easier for you to count the minutes.

    Represent a distance on a nautical chart
    If, on the contrary, we have a distance and we want to represent it on a chart , we will do the opposite process:

    – Convert miles to minutes (1 mile = 1 minute)

    – Measure the minutes on the lateral scale of the nautical chart (not on the upper/lower ones!)

    – Draw the measurement with the compass on the chart

    First, we will convert miles to minutes .

    1 mile will be 1 minute, so we can do it from memory .

    With this value, we will look for the vertical scale on the nautical chart and we will open the compass until we cover the desired distance.

    If it was 5 miles, then 5 minutes.

    Finally, we will transfer the distance without moving the compass to the nautical chart.

    Nautical miles calculator between ports
    If we are planning a voyage and want to calculate the distance in nautical miles between two ports on the peninsula , we have two options.

    The first, get a nautical chart where both ports appear and apply the theory that we have learned in the previous paragraphs.

    The second is to use a tool that the Ministry of Defense makes available to us .

    It is a calculator of distances between ports .

    We only have to mark the port of origin and the port of destination and it gives us the result of the distance in nautical miles.

  1. One mile is equal to exactly 1,609 kilometers in the international metric system.

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