How Many Arrows In A Quiver?


What is the Average Number of Arrows in a Quiver?


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    How Many Arrows Does the Quiver Need?

    Crazy things can happen all the time when you go on a bow hunt. I know a lot of hunters who have had crazy, unexpected things happen in the field, and I’m sure that almost every hunter with a few seasons under their belt has their own collection of stories about times when everything went wrong and they couldn’t believe what was going on.

    Because hunting tends to mess with the hunter just for fun, it is a big part of the hunter’s job to be ready for anything. And when we go bowhunting, one thing we might not think about enough is how many arrows we bring with us.

  1. Whether the quiver is attached to your bow, on your hip, or on a tree next to you, the number of arrows you keep in it will depend on a number of factors.

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