How Much Does It Cost To Repair Ac Leak In Car?


What Is The Price Tag On Fixing My Car’s Air Conditioning.


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    It cost to repair your car’s air conditioning?

    The price of air conditioning repair may vary depending on the model and make of the vehicle, since when preparing budgets, not only the cost of labor is taken into account, but also the price of parts. replacement. Therefore, the cost of repairing the air conditioning of a vehicle is usually between €50 and €1,700 (if it is a major problem), although the average is usually between €300 and €900.

    This large price range is due to the fact that there are a large number of faults that can cause a car’s air conditioning to stop working. From Binary Electronic we recommend that you request a quote for air conditioning repair by filling out our contact form or by contacting our workshop on 958 014 486.

    In our workshop specialized in automotive electronics we will take care of checking your vehicle and giving you a much more exhaustive budget depending on the fault that your vehicle has.

    How to prevent the air conditioner from breaking?

    Although it seems obvious, many of the car’s systems deteriorate when they are not used . It is possible that for a while, to save money, you decide not to put on the air conditioning. However, turning on the air conditioning from time to time can avoid a failure that costs us much more. The accumulation of dust may seem like a hygienic issue, but in systems as delicate as the ones we are talking about, it can be lethal.

    They are in the off-season, such as spring and autumn, when we have to be especially careful not to leave the air conditioning for a long time without using it.

    What parts of the air conditioner are the ones that usually break down?

    Your vehicle’s air conditioning consists of various parts within the system that tend to break down:

    Exterior air intakes.
    refrigerant gas.
    the condenser.
    The expansion valve.
    The ducts.
    Air particulate filters.
    Supply fans.


    Your air conditioner and heater are your best friends on a hot summer day or a cold winter night.

    Unfortunately, like any other piece of technology, your AC could break at the worst possible time.

    Air conditioner problems can have many causes. The most common reason why an AC stops working is one or more leaks in the system.

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