How Much Is A Travis Scott Feature?


To what extent does a Travis Scott feature cost?


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  1. Acques Travis Scott, whose real name is Bermon Webster II, is a rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer from the United States. His stage name is a combination of the name of a favourite uncle and the first name of a musician who inspires him, Kid Cudi. Scott got his first record deal with a major label in 2012. He signed with Epic Records.

    Travis Scott will charge at least $250k for a feature, so getting him on your track is not a cheap feature.


    How much does Travis Scott charge for a feature?

    Your favourite collaborations cost a lot of money to make, and we’re not just talking about studio and production costs.
    Rap has turned guest verses into a very profitable business. Some artists trade verses with each other for free, but others have used features to make money. Rappers used to keep quiet about how much money they made from features, but in the last few years, some artists have been more open about how much money they make. From what we can tell from their lyrics and interviews, they’re making a lot of money. If you want a verse right now from any big rapper, from Nicki Minaj to J. Cole to Lil Baby, it will probably cost you more than a hundred thousand dollars.
    A rapper’s rate of guest verses shows how popular they are, and their rate goes up as their popularity grows. For example, DaBaby’s prices went from $5,000 to $300,000 in just three years. But a higher price tag also means that you should expect more. If an artist is charging $60,000 for a guest verse, it better lead to a big increase in sales or praise from critics.
    We made a list of how much some of the biggest artists in the business charge for guest verses based on their past lyrics, interviews, and people they have worked with. These are, of course, just the prices they say they charge. Artists have an incentive to make up numbers in song lyrics and interviews, so you can decide for yourself how true they seem. Rates can also change very quickly. Even though Kendrick Lamar charged a certain amount a few years ago, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t raised it by now. So, here are the closest numbers we could find that are open to the public.

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