How Much Money Fits In A Briefcase?


Is there a limit to the amount of cash that can be carried in a briefcase?


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    How Much Cash Is in a Suitcase?

    In the movies, and maybe in real life, a suitcase of $100 bills is used to buy both drugs and votes. Figure out how much money is in this kind of suitcase.

    How big is a $100 bill?

    Let’s say a bill is about as thick as a piece of paper. Australian bills are probably a little bit thicker. Each sheet of paper in a 500-page ream of paper is about 0.01 cm thick.

    A note is about 15 centimetres long and 6 centimetres wide.

    The volume as a whole is about

    How Big a Suitcase IsThere are many different sizes of suitcases, so let’s look at a small one with wheels. It stands about 50 cm tall, 30 cm wide, and 30 cm deep. This adds up to 45 litres, so let’s call it 50 liters.

    A quick search online shows that this is in a good range. Most of them are between 30 and 110 liters.

    How many bills are in a suitcase?

    The money in the suitcase is worth $5 million, which is $100 per note times 1000 notes per L times 50L.
    A guess of about $5 million sounds about right.

    “How much does the suitcase weigh?”

    A 100-gram-per-square-meter sheet of printer paper is about the same thickness as an Australian banknote. So, an Australian dollar weighs about 1 gramme, which is equal to.15 m. 06 m, or 100 grammes per square metre.

    So, $5 million’s worth of bills weighs about 50 kg. This is a pretty heavy suitcase to move around, and it might be too heavy to bring on a plane (which typically has limits of 20–30 kg per bag).


    To give you an idea, if you fill a standard briefcase (25″ x 18″ x 4″ in size) with $100 bills, you should have a little more than $2 million USD. Even if it wasn’t enough to retire on, it would make life easier.


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