How To Change Your Username On Wattpad?


Is There a Way to Modify My Wattpad Username.


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    Change your display name

    When you create an account on Wattpad, you will have a username and a name. The name can be referred to as: display name, full name, or just name, depending on the platform you are using.

    Search your profile or the stories you have written on Wattpad:
    Tag you in a comment
    dedicate a story to you
    Sign in to your account
    Usernames are unrepeatable, so no two users are the same. Learn about how to change your username.

    Your display name (full name, or first name) appears only on your profile. It does not need to be unique and can contain spaces or special characters. It cannot be used to search your profile, tag you, dedicate a story to you, or log in.

  1. Change Your Username On Wattpad

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