How To Delete Purchased Movies From Amazon Prime?


I want to delete the purchased  movies from amazon. Because, I have an insufficient storage. Can you tell me how to delete


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    Cancel an accidental purchase

    1.From the Prime Video app or the website, select My Stuff, then Purchases & Rentals.
    2.Select the title that was purchased or rented in error. …
    3.Select Cancel your order.
    4.Choose a reason for cancellation from the drop-down menu, then click Cancel this purchase.


    How to permanently delete movies from Amazon Prime?

    To remove a title from Prime Video availability:

    1.Go to Your videos and select the video content you want to edit.
    2.Click the Availability tab.
    3.Clear the marketplaces where you want to remove your video content.
    4.Click Save, then Submit for Review.

    How do I delete a video on Amazon?

    If you have unwanted photos or videos, delete them using a web browser.

    1.Open Amazon Photos.
    2.Choose the photos or videos you want to delete.
    3.Select Move to Trash.
    4.Click Delete. Items deleted from Amazon Photos are added to your Trash folder.

    How to remove continue watching movies on Amazon Prime IPAD?

    Log into your Amazon Prime Video account and you will see the Continuous Watchlist on the homepage. Click on the Edit option available just above the continuous watch list on the right side. Click the cross icon on the title of the movie/TV show you want to remove from the list to continue watching.


  1. How do I delete an Amazon Prime purchase?

    1.To delete an Amazon Prime purchase, go to Your Orders and find the order you want to delete.
    2.Click the Actions button and then select Delete Order.
    3.To delete an Amazon Prime purchase, you need to access your account and find the order you want to delete.
    4.Once you find the order, click on “view order details”.
    5.Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “delete order”.


    How to view and delete your Amazon Prime Video watch history

    You can delete titles from your Watch History on the Amazon Prime Video website.

    1.To view and delete your Amazon Prime watch history, go to the Settings page of Prime Video.
    2.You can only view and delete your Amazon Prime watch history on a web browser, not the Prime Video app.
    3.You can delete titles from your Continue Watching carousel by clicking the Edit button.

    Amazon Prime keeps track of the movies and shows you’ve watched so that it can recommend other titles you may be interested in. It’s a helpful feature in theory, but if you share an account with someone that has different tastes than you, or if you watch a few episodes of a show before deciding it isn’t for you, it can lead to some irrelevant recommendations.

    There’s a way to remove titles from your Amazon Prime watch history as well as your Continue Watching list. Here’s everything you need to know.

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