How To Drain Intex Pool Without Adapter?


I have planned to clean my pool. Of course it needs adaptor but can you suggest me a way to drain my pool without adapter.


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    Draining with a garden hose is the simplest technique. The hose is connected to a cap located at the bottom of the pool to evacuate the water to the chosen location, garden or sewer. To prime the hose, all you have to do is suck in the air through your mouth, the mechanism will then do itself.


    Drain Intex Pool Without Adapter


    How do I get the air out of my Intex pump?

    1. Purge the air from your pool pump.
    2. Shut down the system.
    3. Close all water inlet and outlet valves.
    4. Close the multiport valve.
    5. Open the filter from above.
    6. Open the drain plug and let the water drain out.


    How to empty an Intex pool without a pump?

    You just need to place one end of the hose at the bottom of the pool and the other in your land. You will need to suck the air out of the pipe with your mouth until the water comes out. Thanks to the law of gravity and the call for air, the water will continue to empty through the pipe.

    How to empty the bottom of the pool without a pump?

    To empty your pool without a pump, it’s very simple, you only need a garden hose, the end of which you will place at the bottom of your pool and the other where you want. empty it, suck you in once with your mouth and that’s it, the water starts flowing automatically.

    How to drain an Intex swimming pool without an adapter?

    Get a garden hose long enough to connect the bottom of the pond to where you want the water to drain (garden or mains drainage). Suck the air out of the pipe with your mouth until water comes out. Then let the phenomenon of the water being sucked up by the air.


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