How To Get Transmogrification Stones In Summoners War?


Summoners’ War: Where Can I Obtain Transmogrification Stones?


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    How to Get Stones That Can Change Form in Summoners’ War

    In Summoners’ War, there are more than 1,000 monsters, but only a few stand out. These monsters have what the game calls “transmogrifications,” which are just skins for looks. The problem is that you need shapeshifting stones to change a monster into something else.

    What do you do with stones that change form?

    The only reason for shapeshifting stones is to let players do transmogrifications. These will give a monster who is eligible a new skin. You can pay money to get the skins right away, but not everyone wants to.Enter the transmogrification process. Players can get a new skin by using 100 shapeshifting stones and 300,000 mana. If you gather enough of the former, you can change forms for free. Since there is a lot of mana in Summoners War, you will probably spend more time farming shapeshifting stones.

    How to Get Stones That Change Form

    Here are some ways to get this hard-to-find currency that don’t involve buying special packages. Some methods work better than others, and some can only be used in certain situations.The Rift of Worlds.

    People often farm for shapeshifting stones by taking part in rift battles and killing rift beasts. But there are a lot of rewards, so you might not get as many as you want. Because of this, you’ll have to grind over and over again to get 100 of them.


    The Transmogrification Building is a place where players can change the way some monsters look. There are also special animations for monsters that have been changed. Unawakened monsters that have been changed look the same as their awakened counterparts.It costs 300,000 mana stones and 100 shapeshifting stones to change a monster into something else.

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