How To Instantly Turn Off A Chromebook?


Chromebooks can be turned off immediately.


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    Chrome OS is mostly made for portable devices like tablets, convertibles, and notebooks. So, it makes sense that the Chromebook has a touch screen display, which is more interactive and could make things easier for people who are used to using a smartphone.


    How to Turn Off the Chromebook Touch Screen at Any Time

    For example, accidentally touching someone can lead to something unexpected. If you touch the screen a lot, you might leave scratches on it. Over time, these scratches will add up and make some parts of the screen look fuzzy. In a strange way, the same scratches make the area less sensitive to touch. Chrome OS lets you turn off the touch screen completely whenever you want. Even though the option is still in the testing phase, you can do it with your Chromebook.

    1.Use your Chromebook to open the Chrome browser. 
    2. Start a new tab and go to “Chrome.” 
    3. Use the search bar to find shortcuts for debugging.
    4. Make sure it’s turned on and click Restart.
    5. Finally, press Shift+Search+T on the keyboard to turn off the touch screen. You can also use the same shortcut to turn on the touch screen again.

    Again, I want to stress that turning off the touch screen is still a work in progress. Chrome OS hasn’t fully acknowledged it as a real feature yet. Even though it doesn’t seem to be dangerous, you should still be aware that it could hurt other parts of the system.
    If it causes new problems, try switching “Debugging keyboard shortcuts” back to “Disabled” and then “Restarting” the device.


    To turn off the touch screen on your Chromebook, turn on the flag for debugging keyboard shortcuts and then press SEARCH + SHIFT + T on the keyboard.

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