How to make your chromebook touchscreen?


I don’t know about chromebook touchbook.


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    How to Enable or Disable the Touchscreen on a Chromebook

    For 2 years now, new Chromebooks have all had access to the Android application store. Being able to download thousands of software on Chrome OS opens up many possibilities for computers running the Google OS. To make the most of these software solutions, you must have a touch screen. Sometimes, even with a touch screen, some readers contact me because this medium no longer works. Here’s how to enable or disable the touchscreen on a Chromebook

    Touch or no touch?

    Very often when you ask me what is the best Chromebook, I explain that, in my opinion, it is important to have a touchscreen. Many of those who ask me the question explain to me that they do not need to be able to interact on the screen with their finger. If you think you don’t need it, you’ve never used a Chromebook. We are quickly surprised to want to press a button, or scroll the screen. Obviously Android applications have a lot to do with it, so imagine your smartphone without its touch screen, would it be as user-friendly? The answer is clearly no.

    So if you want to buy a Chromebook, the question of the touchscreen is not an option, it is essential for a complete experience on Chrome OS.



    The touchscreen on Chromebooks can be turned on and off. If you accidentally toggled this setting, the touchscreen will no longer function until you toggle it back on. To turn on the Chromebook touchscreen, press Search + Shift + T.

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