How To Open Dove Body Wash Pump Bottle?


This is the first time I’m using Dove body wash. I just tried to open but end up in vain. Please give me easy tips to open it.


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    1. How to open a pump bottle?
    During the first use, it is necessary to prime the pump by performing 4 to 8 pressures, until a jet comes out of the bottle. You should hold the bottle upright and press down with your index or middle finger, while keeping your thumb under the bottle.

    2. How to unlock a soap pump?
    Soap pumps must be unblocked before use. To do this, hold the lower part of the pump (the part that goes into the bottle) with one hand and turn the upper part (the part that distributes the soap) a quarter turn to unlock it.

    3. How to repair a pump bottle?
    The trick when a pump bottle doesn’t work: put your finger on the outlet of the product then pump once with your finger still on it. Then it should work. I had already been given the trick but I had forgotten it…

    4. How to clean the pump of a bottle?
    To disinfect them, pour a little alcohol at 60 or 70° into the bottle, close it and shake so that the inside is completely soaked. Spray a little of this alcohol so that the spray is also disinfected. Empty the contents and let dry.


    You may find Dove body wash in a convenient pump bottle; how do you get it open?

    Turn the pump to the left by twisting the hand on top of the device. Dove Men+Care’s first foamy body wash provides instant hydration to skin as it creates a luxurious lather and effectively cleanses with a single rinsing.




    Dove Body Wash Pump Bottle


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