How To Say You All In Formal Spanish?


I want to chat with my newly found Spanish friend. So I’m in need of knowing some basic Spanish greetings.



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  1. “Cariñosos saludos” (“yourself”) “Atentamente” (“sincerely”) “La saluda atentamente” (“sincere greetings”) “Cordialmente” (“cordially”).


    In Spanish, how do you say “you all” formally?

    Ustedes (plural, formal, and informal) (Plural, Formal, and Informal) In Latin American countries, however, ustedes is used instead of vosotros in both formal and casual situations.

    Where can I find the phrase “you all” in Spanish?

    What All of You Are in Spanish and How to Say It. To say “oeyou all” in Spanish, you would normally say “Todos ustedes” followed by the appropriate verb.

    You, all of you, Ustedes?

    Ashby, Rob There are four more rows of people: yo yo

    What pronoun do you use for everyone?

    You all, or y’all (pronounced /jÉ”l/yawl), is a contraction of you and all.

    Can I ask if everyone here is formal or casual?

    Despite its informality, the use of the word “y’all” does not indicate a lack of education or literacy. Many Americans of various backgrounds use the term in certain parts of the United States.

    Vosotros…what is it?

    When speaking to a group of two or more people, one should use vosotros. For “you” in the sense of “you and others,” the Spanish word “vosotros” is the appropriate translation into English.

    The Spanish use Vosotros because…

    Vosotros, the more informal plural form of “you all,” is commonly used in everyday conversation with children, friends, and pets, among other things. Usted (singular) and ustedes (plural) are also acceptable forms of address in Spanish. But this is only used when a higher level of respect or formality is needed.


    What All of You Are in Spanish and How to Say It. The standard Spanish phrase for “you all” is “Todos ustedes…” followed by a verb.

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