How To See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace App?


I don’t know how to read hidden  information of facebooks share with experience.


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  1. How to see hidden information on Facebook Marketplace?

    Many people who use the PC or the Mac version of Facebook Marketplace usually find it difficult to understand how to view the hidden information on the Marketplace portal. However, the hidden information only occurs when a person is using the PC versions or the web portal as it does not allow users to make calls. When you use the mobile version of the Facebook app, it will show you the mobile number of the individual without the disappointing “Hidden Information” text.
    If you do not use the Facebook application on your smartphone, there is still a way which you can use to see the hidden information on Facebook Marketplace. When you log in to your Facebook account, you will see that the link starts with However, to unhide the information on Facebook Marketplace just remove “www.” and add “m”. This will open the mobile version of the site on your PC and you can now see all the information regarding the seller, including their mobile number which you can use to contact them for buying their products. However, if you still have problems with it, you can simply choose to Direct Message the seller with the product link.

  2. There are a few options available to you if you want to use Facebook Marketplace to view concealed information. Try looking up the thing you’re interested in first. If it doesn’t work, see if the seller has provided any contact information in their profile.

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