How To Show Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace?


My friend asked me to show my files on facebook marketplace. But my information are hidden. Anybody help me how to see that.


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    Facebook is the app that introduced many people to the world of social media. From its launch till today, it seems to be leading the race as a top social media platform. Facebook provides a variety of features that make the app a very enjoyable and fun place to be. However, in 2016, Facebook Inc. launched the Facebook Market Place. The app that was used primarily for uploading photos and media, has now transcended into a place where people can do business.

    Facebook hides seller information for security and privacy reasons. It is very useful because it protects the information of the seller, but on the other hand, it prevents the buyer from knowing more about the product before buying it. That is why, in this article, we are going to show you how to see the hidden information on Facebook Marketplace.



    How to show hidden information on Facebook Marketplace?

    However, to view Facebook Marketplace information, simply remove www. and add m. This will open the mobile version of the site on your PC and you will now be able to see all of the seller’s information, including their mobile phone number which you can use to contact them to purchase their products.

    Also, do you know why I can’t see hidden information on the Facebook Marketplace app?

    Historically, Facebook Marketplace users have reported that it was primarily the phone number that was hidden from web browsers. Changing the URL of the mobile version often solves the problem and gives them access to hidden information. Look at your web browser’s URL window, change the www. be Mr.Generally Why can’t I see Facebook Marketplace details? Click on ‘More tools>Clear browsing data>Clear data. As for mobile users, they must ensure that they are using the most recent version of the application by consulting it on the Play Store/App Store. Users can also try restarting their computer or phone to confirm if the problem goes away from their end.

    Marketplace, is the Facebook site that offers users the opportunity to start a business, promote your own product or sell personal items, has great features that will help you grow and gain more customers. You can use it from your PC or your phone, you just have to activate it.

    The statement Hidden information appears in product publications, it serves as a security measure, protecting the seller’s personal information, as it hides phone numbers, identification, e-mail, address or other important information.For this mentioned reason it is for question comes out This statement, the bad thing is that it may cause trouble with customers, because they will want to know more about buyers, check whether they are trustworthy or not, this which may be annoying for some users who use this application.


    The main thing that is recommended when viewing this ad is to write directly to the buyer, to ask for all the necessary information you want to know. On the other hand, the seller will have to answer these questions, what he can do is create automatic answers, which will allow the buyer to receive a quick answer.

    To see the information that the hidden information hides, you must enter the Facebook application, find the publication of the product where this statement appears, then press “Share”, select “Copy link”, then go to “Google Chrome” , once here Paste our link, wait if the page loads and you will see that the declaration of hidden information no longer exists, now the information you need will appear.

    This happens because the Facebook application is the one that gives security to hide your personal information, when you enter through your browser, this declaration is removed, allowing you to view all the information of the seller.

    If you as a seller, when posting an item, see this message, what you need to do is change the description quickly, this way the message will not appear to your buyers.


    To see hidden info on Facebook Marketplace, you must access the platform from the mobile app instead of using a desktop. You can also access the Facebook mobile interface via desktop to see the seller’s contact information. There are different advantages to accessing the marketplace via mobile and web.

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