How To Trigger Arcade Gannon Quest?


How Do You Start the Arcade Gannon Quest?


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    How to activate Arcade Gannon’s Quest “For Auld Lang Syne”

    The quest “For Auld Lang Syne” is a quest you can unlock if you have Arcade Gannon, a Follower of the Apocalypse, as a companion. There are certain tasks you have to complete and certain places you have to visit in order to trigger the quest. If successful you will be granted your very own Enclave power armor and help from the Enclave during the battle of Hoover Dam.

    The Qualifications that You Must First Meet

    This quest can be hard to unlock, because there is a lot you have to do to get Arcades trust to reveal his quest or even to be able to have him as a companion. So first what we will be going through is what you need to get him to be your companion.

    Gaining Arcade’s Trust

    Now this is where the fun begins. You have been granted the wonderful pleasure of having Arcade Gannon as your loyal companion. Simply talking to him via the companion menu will not do anything to unlock the quest. You have to gain his trust. And there are many things that you can do to do this. If you didn’t know, in Fallout: NV there is a system where companions give you “trust points” whenever you do something they like. Once you have obtained enough trust points your companion will open up to you and ask you to do a quest for them. I believe every companion does this. So here is what you need to do to earn Arcade’s delicious trust points.

    There are a number of things you can do. I suggest you unlock the Explorer perk. This perk allows you to see everything on your Pip-boy’s map, Including areas that you have not yet discovered. First, visit the Crashed Vertibird. Obviously Arcade has to come with you.


    Arcade was the only child born at a military base in Navarro, the son of an Enclave officer. His father died when he was young, but the circumstances surrounding his death were never revealed to him. When the New California Republic sacked Navarro, he and his mother took refuge with troopers from his father’s old unit. The group moved south in an attempt to integrate, but they were still pursued by the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel, necessitating repeated relocation to the outskirts.


    The Identity of the Idealist – Arcade Gannon

    The wastelands of the post-apocalyptic universe of Fallout are an unforgiving place. We expect hardship and despair wherever we go, along with a sense of danger, excitement, and a hint of radiation mixed in for good measure. The entire Fallout universe is a character onto itself, molded by three different studios fitting into a quasi-retro-filled sci-fi aesthetic circa 1959. It has charm and a mean streak all at once, a world showing the cynical response to human error in its ultimate form:our own greed and desire lead to our undoing.

    Many fans of the Fallout series have a great reverence for this setting, making it one of the few games to really showcase atmosphere as a strength of its world design, and use that atmosphere to their advantage, but within the Fallout universe is something that is often overlooked: the people who live in it. It is these men, women, ghouls, and mutants who make up the backbone of the Fallout universe, but they are often overshadowed by the world they inhabit. It is not due to mediocre writing or characterization in most cases, but rather their place in the grand scheme of things is one of little importance. The characters that inhabit the Fallout games are colorful and dynamic, but are also products of their own design—over the top and bombastic in some cases, or an in-joke in others.

    Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. The Fallout series is no stranger to colorful or dynamic characters the mutant-turned tree Harold, the ambitious Master, or even Marcus the friendly and pragmatic super mutant. One character, however, stands out further because he is able to showcase the harsh realities of the Fallout world while simultaneously providing an excellent character arc: Arcade Gannon from Fallout: New Vegas.

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