How To Unhide Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace App?


Facebook’s Marketplace app may conceal certain details until you reveal them.


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  1. In the past, users of Facebook Marketplace have said that the phone number is mostly hidden from web browsers. Most of the time, changing the URL to the mobile version fixes the problem and lets them see the hidden information.


    How can I find out how to see information that is hidden on Facebook Market?

    Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world.

    Facebook is popular among people because it has more than 2.9 billion users.

    It has a lot of features that can help you meet new people, organise events, run pages, promote your business, and more.

    Brands use the social media giant’s huge number of users to raise awareness, get leads, and market their products and services.

    The company started Facebook Marketplace in 2016 to make online shopping easier. You can look through sellers’ catalogues of goods and make purchases on the platform.

    But you may have seen the “hidden information” statement in the product publication.

    What Does the Statement About Hidden Information Mean?

    As a security measure, the “hidden information statement” is included in product literature.

    This means that it keeps the public from seeing the personal information of the sellers. The marketplace hides the seller’s phone number, ID card, email address, and other information.

    Even though it’s a security measure, people often get confused, which makes them less likely to buy the products.
    How to Find Secret Information on Facebook Marketplace.

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