I keep getting tasks that are above my skill level. How can I address this without coming accross as grossly incompetent?


I’m 6 months into a new job that uses a technology I’ve had no experience in (but am trying really hard to learn). Often I get tasks that I have real difficulty with. I flag this: I say that I’ve never done that before and I’ll have difficulty. I get some help, but the task always takes way longer than estimated and is done pretty badly. This puts me under a huge amount of stress and is embarrassing as my tasks often get rejected at QA.

I’m all for learning but its just too much. I need to master things incrementally, not all at once. Or else do a proper course on the subject.

How can I talk to my boss about this without looking like I’m useless or backing away from challenges?


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    The employer’s refusal. If the new tasks no longer correspond to the qualification appearing in the contract or modify the remuneration, the employee is therefore entitled to refuse his new assignments without his refusal constituting a fault.Inform the employee concerned of the reproaches to which he is the subject. Make the employee understand his responsibilities and the company’s expectations regarding the work he must provide. Allow the incompetent employee to benefit from the means to correct the elements of which he is accused.



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