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Is PGCIL (Power Grid) the best PSU to work considering job location and money?

Is PGCIL (Power Grid) the best PSU to work considering job location and money?

When it comes to paying, POWERGRID is thought to be one of the most trustworthy companies in the country. The compensation package includes a base salary, a dearness allowance, cafeteria-style benefits, pay based on performance, company-leased housing or HRA, reimbursement of monthly transportation costs, a mobile facility, and other benefits.

POWERGRID offers a wide range of great services, such as short-term and long-term loans and advances for home construction, transportation, higher education for children, and so on, as well as cashing in tips and leave. POWERGRID also has a service for cashing in leaves. POWERGRID is always there for its employees, whether they are having a baby, getting treatment for an illness, or going to school.

According to the Corporation’s policies, POWERGRID also offers great social security in the form of Group Insurance, Group Personal Accident Insurance, a Provident Fund, a Pension, and a Death Relief Scheme. All of these perks are available to people who work for POWERGRID. We have some of the best medical facilities in India for our employees and their families, and they are on par with other organizations. Employees who have saved up enough superannuation can get medical benefits after they retire. Dependent families can also get these benefits if an employee dies while still working.

A lot depends on how well the POWERGRID works for a country to be built. POWERGRID says that every worker should treat their job like an act of worship. To reach this goal, we ensure that our employees face as few problems as possible while working for the country.

Learn the lesson, forget it, and then learn it again:

At POWERGRID, we think that learning should be something that goes on all the time. POWERGRID puts time, money, and other resources into their employees to help them advance in their careers and reach their full potential. The training programs were made for all levels of staff and taught them how to do their jobs and act in certain situations. 

A thorough Training Needs Assessment served as the basis for these. Also, we do everything we can to encourage staff members to attend professional development events like workshops, seminars, and conferences. Also, POWERGRID puts a lot of emphasis on learning how to be a leader. One program moving in this direction is the POWERGRID Academy of Leadership. POWERGRID has ensured its employees have access to a strong training infrastructure to keep learning and getting better at their jobs. We got the most out of our people because we used this method.

Work, join in, take charge, have fun, and have a party:

POWERGRID’s human resources department has put a lot of effort into creating a performance-based culture and improving the quality of work life. It is in addition to making sure that the process of hiring and developing talent works well. POWERGRID strongly backs the idea of worker independence. By using PNBC, employees of any level can participate in the highest decision-making level. When Open House, Video Conferencing, Electronic Suggestions, Skipping Level Meetings, and an Overall Transparent Approach are all used together, information can flow smoothly from the top down and the other way around.

The POWER GRID is what will be used to build India of tomorrow. With POWERGRID, every day is new, with new opportunities and challenges. Chances for leadership, participation, education, creativity, and innovation Because our hardworking employees are giving the company more of their time; HR POWERGRID focuses on making the workplace both intellectually stimulating and full of fun things to do. Each of our townships has sports clubs, recreation centers, play areas for kids, libraries, and so on to benefit our employees and their families. In addition to the annual POWERGRID Raising Day party, we hold several sporting and cultural events and competitions throughout the year, both within and between regions. Some of these events are the 23rd of October, Holi, Diwali, Independence Day, Republic Day, and other celebrations where workers and their families enjoy being together and are happy to be POWERGRID LOANS.

If you are the One

“When a big goal or big project drives you, your mind can grow beyond its limits, your consciousness can grow in all directions, and you find that you have entered a beautiful and wondrous new universe. As you discover your hidden skills, abilities, and talents, you realize you are a more admirable person than you could have ever thought “.

Understanding Our Environmental and Social Roles for Sustainable Development

Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (POWERGRID) is one of the world’s largest electric power transmission utilities, and it has been given the ISO 14001 certification. Because of how our business works, we touch the lives of millions of people every day, and we know that true success comes from the growth of all parties and stakeholders working together.

Our development projects have a small negative effect on the environment and society because they don’t involve putting pollutants into the land, air, or water or digging, which could cause soil erosion. POWERGRID is committed to achieving the goal of sustainable development. With the size and scope of its operations, it knows there will be some lasting effects on the environment and the communities. POWERGRID has set up Environmental and Social Policies & Procedures to deal with these issues (ESPP).


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