Running Over A Squirrel Meaning


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    What is the symbolism of the squirrel?
    In heraldry the squirrel is the symbol of foresight, agility, vivacity and independence or even of wooded regions.
    What attracts squirrels?
    At the same time as the famous hazelnuts which it happily plunders, the rodent consumes acorns, beechnuts, pine cones, chestnuts, walnuts, maple and conifer seeds. Therefore, berry trees, pines and spruces will be very popular with these little gourmands.
    How do you know what your totem animal is?
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    To find your totem animal, you can also trust your instincts. It is customary to say that it is he who comes to meet you. So keep your eyes open as you walk in nature, be aware of your surroundings and the signs.
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