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Should children be watching cartoons?

Should children be watching cartoons?

Recent studies have shown that kids who watch TV violence every day become desensitized to it and, as a result, want it more and more. As time goes on, both the stories and the settings change. At first, the stories were set in peaceful forests and castles, but now they are set in scary, dangerous cities.

What can happen if you watch too many cartoons?

Since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney’s first full-length movie, which came out in the 1930s, cartoons have been changing all the time. Original animated shorts based on well-known stories have been replaced by Japanese computer cartoons that can be about anything. Children’s audiences have also become picky, wanting stories with more twists and turns. Cute animated creatures have begun exploring new ways to depict violence and death to meet these demands. When your kids are older, it can be fun to remember them watching cartoons, but you should watch what they watch. It’s probably not what they want, but that’s why you have a criterion.

What kind of effects does TV have on kids?

Watching TV is one of the most important and long-lasting things a child can enjoy. Children remember things they learn in school, from their parents, stories, and, of course, TV. Because of this, many parents worry about what their kids are watching and what they should do about it.

Children cannot be monitored by television:

Television can affect how a child learns new skills, forms new opinions, and acts as they grow up. Children watch TV to pass the time, relax, and learn something new. Also, some kids watch TV because they were forced to when they were young and had no other choice. Watching TV is one of the things that kids like to do the most. Their time spent watching TV depends on their age, gender, socioeconomic status, and how much time their parents spend watching TV. In this way, parents need to be good role models. It’s not fair to blame one media outlet for what kids learn and how they spend their time.

When watching TV takes up a large percentage of a family’s leisure time, kids will often act and like what they see on screen. In many homes, the TV is a child’s best friend and “babysitter.” It keeps the kids from fighting and running around the house, but it also keeps them from doing their schoolwork, reading, playing sports, and doing other things they enjoy. Watching shows for kids takes up all of our time. To keep our kids from imitating aggressive or bad behavior, we must first understand them better, especially their environment. It’s important to remember that our young kids are just starting school and that everything they see and hear will affect how they grow.

What kind of effects does TV have on kids?

Due to the nature of our environment, technology has become an integral component of our existence. Computers, tablets, phones, TVs, and other devices use electricity, and kids can use them from a young age affects how they learn.

How kids feel about watching TV:

Even though TV is neither good nor bad by itself, how it affects a child’s development depends on several things, such as:

1. The kinds of things a child sees

A child’s reaction to TV shows is directly related to how well they understand what is being shown. They learn this skill throughout their childhood, and with practice, they get better at it. Due to the nature of our environment, technology has become an integral component of our existence. Few parents do it, sometimes because they don’t know how or because they don’t have enough time. Not all content is good for kids to see.

2. How much time a child spends in front of the TV

Spanish kids watch TV for 2 hours and 44 minutes daily, and this period lasts longer. When parents can’t watch their kids, the TV often does. Insufficient sleep is one of the side effects of excessive television viewing. Possible side effects include a drop in academic performance, fewer friends, and more violent behavior.

3. When no one in the family is in charge of how it is used, communication breaks down:

Aside from the mental problems that can come from watching too much TV, being inactive can lead to obesity and being overweight.

4.Kids can also benefit in other ways from watching TV:

People often think of children as passive and unable to do anything. Contrary to what most people think, children have a hand in building the knowledge they get from watching TV. Parents need to be aware of this and use the good things about this medium to help their kids learn to think critically and minimize the bad effects as much as possible. When kids watch TV, they learn how to do certain things. Educational shows have a lot to offer, and it has been shown that kids in the house can learn from them.

Tips for parents to help their kids have good TV experiences

  • It would help if you watched the shows with your kids.
  • Limit the number of time kids can spend watching TV.
  • When choosing programs, think about where the child is in their development.
  • Turn off the TV before you watch something that isn’t appropriate.
  • While watching TV with your kids, get them to talk about what they see.
  • Put the TV on a timer to turn it off. or a time to study.

Why is late-night TV bad?

The American Academy of Pediatrics published a study in the journal Pediatrics that found that the left side of the brain, which controls speech, logic, math, and writing, was more active in children who did a lot of literary activities. Also, making reading time before bed a routine strengthens the family bond at a crucial time in a child’s development and helps the brain grow healthily. 

Also, many studies back up the idea that using electronic devices like tablets, TVs, or cell phones before bedtime affects sleep for kids and adults. The light from these devices stops our bodies from making melatonin, a hormone that controls our biological clock and helps us sleep. It is why watching certain content might make you feel anxious or give you bad dreams. So much so that a study just published in the journal Pediatrics found that kids who watch more TV sleep 7 minutes less for every extra hour they watch. Also, studies show that children today sleep 1.2 hours less than kids did 100 years ago.

Why is reading before bed a good idea?

  • The bond between parents and children gets stronger when they feel close to each other emotionally.
  • The hours before bedtime make kids feel safer.
  • They feel more important because we pay full attention to them while we read.
  • Improves your self-esteem
  • Helps them come up with new ideas and be creative.
  • Their ability to understand what they read improves, and we plant the seeds for them to become great readers.

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