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How Much Is Temperature Determined.


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    Knowing the temperature scales: Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit?

    Temperature can be calculated through temperature scales , which allow you to measure and quantify how hot or cold a material or environment is. The most common scale in the world is the Celsius scale, which is used in our day to day…at home, at school or at work with our parents. Another well-known scale is the Fahrenheit scale, although it is only used in certain countries (such as the United States and some Caribbean islands).

    We use these temperature scales to measure, for example, what temperature it is outside and whether we should wear a coat or not, or it helps us know at what temperature we should bake a cake we are preparing.

    So let’s see the main differences between the two:

    Degrees Celsius Scale

    The Celsius scale is used in most countries of the world. The creator of this scale was named Anders Celsius, a Swedish scientist and astronomer. This scale is also called the “Centigrade scale” and it is important to know that in it the temperature is divided into 100 degrees, with 0º C being the freezing point of water and 100º C the boiling point of water.

    In winter, for example, we observe that the temperatures are below 0, and the scale will indicate that we are between -2 and -10 degrees centigrade or degrees Celsius, on the other hand, in spring and summer, the temperatures increase much more and the Celsius thermometer will mark a temperature above 10 degrees Celsius.

    Fahrenheit Degree Scale

    As we mentioned, the Fahrenheit scale is the most common way of measuring temperature in the United States and in some parts of the Caribbean. Its creator was named Daniel Fahrenheit, a well-known German physicist and engineer. On this temperature scale, unlike the Celsius scale, the freezing point of water is 32º F while the boiling point of water is 212º F.

    So when we’re in the United States and it’s really cold because it’s winter, we’d say the temperature is roughly between 28 and 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-2º and -10º Celsius). While, in spring and summer, the average temperature would be between 50 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit (10º and 20º Celsius). This does not mean that the temperatures are higher or lower with this type of scale, it just means that the same temperature is represented by different numbers.


    Definition of Temperature – That which is hot or cold concerning some standard. The typical kinetic energy of a moving molecule. A greater height is achieved when molecules travel at a faster rate.


    The concept of temperature

    Among the seven fundamental magnitudes of the International System of Units (SI), four of them: mass, length, time and temperature, are so intimately connected to human existence that, at first glance, it is surprising that until the eighteenth century there was no knowledge something about one of them. The great difficulty associated with the concept of temperature is due not only to the fact that it is an intensive magnitude (it does not depend on the dimensions of the system), but also to the fact that it is an intensive magnitude that is not directly related to any extensive magnitude that can be easily perceived by the senses. Probably therein lies the difficulty in understanding what temperature is.

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