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What are the best websites for learning coding to become a good programmer?

What are the best websites for learning coding to become a good programmer?

It’s fun to figure out how things work! A productive endeavor in which each individual should make an effort to take part and gain knowledge. Beginner software developers have a wide variety of options available to them in programming to investigate and implement new projects.

If you are a beginner, an enthusiast, or want to learn new programming languages, what are the finest free resources for you?

Programming is of greater significance in the modern world than it has ever been in the past. Most people interested in becoming programmers desire to enhance their coding abilities and strengthen their understanding of programming principles.

The vast majority of novice programmers would like to improve their abilities by studying with the help of free websites and courses; however, as a result of the growing demand, there are many profitable organizations, businesses, and systems that can provide you with in-depth instruction and content on programming in any particular language of your choosing.

This article will discuss the top ten most excellent free websites for furthering your programming and coding skills; nevertheless, it is stated that paid content and courses offer more effective outcomes.

The best way to learn how to program or learn a new programming language is to use the free resources available on the internet. Consider the opportunities and paths open. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get started on the top free programming education websites that are available online.

1. The first and most important thing is HackerRank:

Because it offers a wealth of resources to aspiring computer programmers, HackerRank suddenly became one of the most well-known websites on the internet. In addition to some speedy crash courses, it has a programming language competition that lasts thirty days.

It offers a varied collection of programming languages, allowing students interested in coding to devote more time to learning. HackerRank is the most likely website for you to be hired by a company. The large majority of coding interviews are successfully performed on these websites.

On HackerRank, both developers and businesses can find a home. Companies are simultaneously employing the finest applicants who can answer their interview questions and duplicate the most significant outcomes and results. At the same time, programmers seek to enhance their coding skills and proficiency by participating in numerous challenges on these platforms.

2.FreeCodeCamp is number two:

Free Code Camp, a non-profit organization, includes some of the best resources and helpful content for programmers and developers. It includes various high-quality articles, tutorials, and other tools for beginners who want to better their coding skills.

Among their fantastic online content offerings are interactive learning web platforms for practicing web development utilizing programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can work alone or in groups on various tasks and practice problems to obtain the desired goals.

They provide a variety of free validated certificates on their website, including those in front-end development libraries, data visualization, and data science, data analysis with Python, information security, APIs and microservices, machine learning with Python, and responsive web designing systems.

3. GeeksforGeeks:

Geek For Geeks is one of my favorite websites for free information on numerous programming languages and other coding-related topics. It includes, among other things, exams and well-written, well-studied, and stated articles on computer science and programming to assist users in developing their coding skills.

The most remarkable aspect of Geek For Geeks is that you can always find relevant articles on the topics and ideas you’re looking for. If you search for a given programming topic, you have a reasonable chance of locating up-to-date, great postings with codes.

These processes can be found in various computer languages, including C, C++, Java, Python, and others. You can also leverage this website to participate in several tournaments and better understand competitive programming. Furthermore, it covers most of the necessities for eager new developers.

4. Codecademy:

Beginner programmers and enthusiasts can spend their time and energy at Codecademy honing their coding skills. Codecademy offers free interactive sessions online in 12 distinct programming languages, including Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, C#, Swift, and Sass, in addition to HTML and CSS for markup.

It also contains one of the most powerful platforms for learning to code, with a series of assignments to complete before going to the next level. The level system of coding and the continual progression system of programming will aid both users and developers in higher engagement and learning.

Choose your chosen programming language and try using it until you obtain the best results. You learn by running these code blocks and reviewing code samples. Every fan can profit from its high degree of involvement in inquiry and practice. You will receive timely feedback, allowing you to develop and learn more effectively.

5. Codementor:

Working on handpicked projects in the online community DevProjects allows people to learn to program. Professional developers and mentors thoughtfully develop each project to bridge the knowledge gap between theoretical concepts and actual code. Users can share their code with peers and mentors to obtain comments and discuss project details.

You can view more detailed Python-related projects by clicking on the following link. You can develop a vast assortment of high-quality Python projects with different applications. Developers can benefit from these projects by practicing their coding skills and eventually adding them to their portfolio or résumé.

You should visit the following website, which allows you to construct Python programs. The best thing is that if you are stuck on a given subject, you can seek guidance from available mentors who will show you how to fix your problems and obtain the finest results.


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