What Causes Liquid Sloshing In Stomach?


This causes a liquid flush in the stomach.


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    Why does one’s stomach slosh?

    ¬†Some runners will deliberately avoid drinking much water before or during their run. And yet, it is precisely at those times that you run the greatest risk of a sloshing stomach. Small amounts of liquid remain in the stomach, causing the so-called “sloshing stomach.” Running causes the water level to rise and fall in tandem with the runner. Indeed, the vibrations and sounds of that motion are palpable. When their stomachs start to slosh, most runners respond by drinking even more slowly. The problem is that this strategy frequently fails. And in that case…? Taking in a lot of liquid all at once. If so, why?
    Abdominal capacity.

    Faster digestion is ensured by a larger stomach capacity. Greater “pressure” on the stomach results in a more rapid transfer of contents to the small intestine. When only a modest amount is consumed, less pressure is exerted on the stomach and more time is spent in transit before reaching the intestine. This is why taking frequent, small sips of liquid can cause a sloshing stomach. It’s true that drinking a lot of water causes the stomach to empty slowly, which in turn increases the transit time. The water in your stomach won’t leave until you start running again.
    Get plenty of fluids

    The best way to avoid a sloshing stomach while running is, therefore, not to sip water slowly but to drink large amounts all at once. This larger quantity, with its rapid digestion, prevents stomach sloshing. So, you can take half a bottle of water with you on your run if you like. This will result in fewer complaints than, say, three moderate sips. This same principle can be used while exercising to replenish fluids lost through sweating.


    Maintaining hydration before and during a run is essential. But have you ever felt as though the fluid in your stomach was being sucked out in every which way? This is usually accompanied by an eerie sloshing sound, sometimes so loud that your running partner can pick it up. A stomach like that would be sloshing with nausea.

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