What Cities Are In The Panhandle Of Florida?


I need to know the names of the cities that make up Florida’s panhandle.


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    What cities are in the Florida Panhandle?

    The Florida panhandle is made up of many cities and towns, including Pensacola, Panama City, and Florida’s capital, Tallahassee. Many other small towns line the south coast of the enclave, making it a thriving center for tourism.

    The south coast of the Florida panhandle is known as the “Emerald Coast”. Tourist site PanhandleofFlorida.com boasts that the weather is beautiful 343 days a year. Some of the most popular beach destinations include Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, and Panama City Beach. For travelers interested in an experience other than the beach, Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fort Pickens, Air Force Weaponry Museum, Bear Creek Feline Center, and St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge are worth a deviation.

    For those who stay in the capital Tallahassee, plenty of art, culture, history, nightlife, and outdoor adventures are available. The Tallahassee Museum has something for everyone with its historical artifacts and log cabins, zip line, trails and small zoo animals.

    Capital City Tours offers trolley service around the city to a variety of historical sites. Shoppers can take advantage of the variety of antique stores and boutiques tucked away in the town. For those looking for an exciting nightlife there are plenty of taverns, bars and clubs to choose from.



    What is the Florida Panhandle?

    The Florida panhandle refers to the northwestern part of the state of Florida in the United States. This skinny section extends over the Gulf of Mexico. The largest city in the region is the state capital, Tallahassee. The Florida panhandle is home to beautiful beaches and wildlife, and many of the state’s top universities are located here. This region is also a very popular tourist destination, particularly during spring break.

    Panhandle is a geographical term for an area of land with a political boundary similar in shape to the handle of a saucepan. This differs from a peninsula in that an enclave is surrounded by land on at least two sides. Several US states have beggars like Alaska, Oklahoma, and Texas. The Florida panhandle is one of the largest panhandles in the country.


    The Florida Panhandle is a region of Florida in the state’s northwest. It is well-known for its beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. It includes Tallahassee, the state capital and home of Florida State and Florida A&M Universities, as well as Pensacola, a city near the Alabama border.

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