What Color Eyes Does Joker Have?


If you could describe the Joker’s eyes, what colour would they be?


Answers ( 4 )


    In comics, the Joker always has green eyes.


    In what way does the joker appear?

    The Joker is notorious for his grotesque clownishness and sick sense of humor. The Joker was originally depicted as a low-level criminal who was permanently disfigured and driven insane after being exposed to toxic chemicals.

    What’s with the Joker’s red suit?

    In the 1980s, when he was growing up, it was all the rage to wear bright, bold colors. People still wear bright colours today, but they were especially popular in the 1980s. So, Bridges made the Joker’s costume with a red jacket, red pants that matched the jacket, and a yellow vest.

    How did the Joker get his suit after that?

    In a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bridges said that the pants and shirts for Phoenix’s suits were custom-made and then aged to look worn, with some vintage sweaters thrown in. The gold vest and tie were also made by Bridges.

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