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  1. The Atlantic Ocean is capable of displaying a wide range of colours, including black water and turquoise water. At other times, it was a howling storm out on the oily sea. The colour black, just like ink, or the colour turquoise, pool… there are so many different shades of blue.

  2. The Atlantic Ocean has a blue-green hue with a bluish-purple undertone. It could look like deep ocean water on the walls depending on the time of day or the type of lighting.

  3. Since water is an excellent color absorber, the ocean is blue because of this property. This acts like a filter, removing all but the blue light from the spectrum. When light reflects off of sediments and particles suspended in the water, the ocean can take on a variety of colors.

  4. Recent satellite images show that clouds of particles are concentrating over the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. The solar rays reflected by the waters are less numerous. As a result, seaweed absorbs less carbon dioxide and loses its green color. The scientific team wishes to obtain more precise measurements in order to confirm what the satellite images suggest and which could be distorted by the wind or by the waves. In particular, water samples will be taken to study the state of the algae.

  5. Black water and turquoise water, the Atlantic Ocean can show so many different colors! Sometimes a calm, oily sea, sometimes raging. Color black like ink, or color turquoise, pool… so many colors of blue.

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